How to style loungewear | 3 different ways to wear outside

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Hello lovelies,

While we have been in lockdown let’s be honest, no one is dressing up. Loungewear is the buzz word and even if you are on zoom calls all day, you and I know, that from the waist down you have been doing casual, casual, casual ūüėĚ .

It’s true that we work smarter and perform better when we feel put together. But there’s a difference between a stained grey hoodie and loungewear that is both exceedingly comfortable and surprisingly stylish.

So what is loungewear you may ask?

Well loungewear is defined as casual clothes suitable for relaxing and laying around at home. Pyjamas and sweat pants are an example of loungewear. But I won’t be talking about the former no, no, no. I’m showing you ways of styling it up so that you can go out knowing that you are on trend ūüôā.

My video below gives you the visual aid to show you how to style loungewear and I’m showcasing my new love, arm sweaters. But if you are still unsure, its known that retailers are reporting seeing major spikes in searches for sweatpants and hoodies. The fact that we are home schooling as well, hasn’t helped either. Why would you want to wear anything else accept loungewear when you are dealing with the needs of your child/children all day?

For some people before the pandemic,¬†loungewear might have been just some cut off shorts and an oversized t-shirt. But in todays situation we see camisoles, matching pyjama sets, overly girly nightgowns, ribbed leggings and seriously warm pullovers as the norm. Here are some of my favourite super warm sets along with some cute styles for those who don’t need the added heat.

Loungewear Styles

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights different types of loungewear

Tie Dye:  Taking one of the biggest loungewear trends of 2020 to cashmere, these tie-dye garments from the Elder Statesman are each dyed by hand, meaning every set is unique.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights different types of loungewear

Sporty Styles:  If you like a more traditional fitness look, how about this one from Olivia von Hall which features the sporty stripe detailing.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights different types of loungewear

Wide Pant Style: If you like the wide leg pant look then head to Cassola, this soft set is crafted from regenerated cashmere and hand knitted in Italy.

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights different types of loungewear

Jumpsuits: For those of you who love a jumpsuit, I’ve got you, with this cosy knit romper from Lunya.¬†

Fashion stylist @styledbypierrecarr highlights different types of loungewear

Finally, if you like a playsuit and you are ok with not being super warm,  then I think Love the Process have some great pieces particularly this one.

Tip of the Day: For those of you who haven’t embraced loungewear but want to try it, I would say why not¬†champion brands that care for people and the planet. Shopping with sustainability in mind is becoming ever more important ¬†and the quality of the material is also second to none. The above items though will get you started.

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If however, you feel that you have been lounging too much and it’s time to make a change. Read my post on my new service Get Fit and Stylish here and sign up here for me to help you get moving. All my Sunday morning walks and chats can be found on IGTV here ¬†and takes place on a Sunday morning between 8.30 and 9 am GMT on Instagram.

Until next time. xx

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